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Diamond Greer, Founder and CEO of Women’s Professional Platform Let’s Vibe

Meet Diamond Greer, human capital strategist and founder of Let’s Vibe. She is passionate about empowering women to realize and actualize their potential. Two years ago, Diamond created Let’s Vibe as a platform to engage female professionals and give them a space to develop personally, professionally, and mentally. Let’s Vibe now has over 300 members, and is fostering new connections every day.

In this Fireside Chat, we spoke with Greer about intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, and the significance of collaboration.  Continue reading Diamond Greer, Founder and CEO of Women’s Professional Platform Let’s Vibe

Blogging with Unapologetically Kelly

Kelly Price navigates through life unapologetically herself. Following her graduation from the University of Oklahoma, she traveled the world from Cremona to Israel. Now that she is back in the states, Kelly not only works full-time as a Human Relations Specialist, but is also a professional blogger where she shares her love of traveling, photography, and cultural experiences. Since its creation in October 2016, “Unapologetically Kelly” has garnered a substantial following that appreciates her blog’s candid tone and, consequently, has formed brand partnerships with companies like JORD Watches, DermOrganic, and BootayBag.

During our chat with Kelly, we discussed everything from the logistics of running a successful blog to living authentically. Continue reading Blogging with Unapologetically Kelly