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Career Perspectives: The Life of a Programmer

At Fireside Insights, we believe the best way to learn about potential career opportunities is through exposure. In this Career Perspectives article, we took a deep dive into the technical world with Ryan Bacastow, who told his story of what life is like as a Full-Stack Programmer. Bacastow graduated with a BA in Political Science and Spanish from the University of Wisconsin Madison, and has an MS in Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. His current role is that of a Programmer for William Blair, a global investment banking and asset management firm where he is a data guru…and magician.
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Why You Should Wait to Go to Graduate School

The road leading away from college is different for everyone, but many choose the path to graduate school. While higher education nurtures those interested in academia, the education received from real-world experiences and entry-level jobs can be just as valuable and formative. Here are five reasons to consider waiting to go to graduate school.  Continue reading Why You Should Wait to Go to Graduate School

The Go-To Follow-Up Email Template

Going through the interview process, one can become so focused on preparing to answer questions that other practices like sending follow-up notes are forgotten. A follow-up email or letter is a low-effort gesture that can differentiate you as a thoughtful job applicant, and it provides you with another opportunity to further engage with the hiring manager. Use the following template for any follow-up message you want to send in the future.

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Group Projects: How to Lead without Doing All of the Work

Let’s face it- group projects are something that we all dread. It can be difficult to align expectations, and ultimately responsibilities usually fall on just one or two group members. Rather than taking on the brunt of the work at the last minute, set your group up for success in seven quick steps. Continue reading Group Projects: How to Lead without Doing All of the Work

Lessons Learned from Entrepreneurs

Starting your own business and embarking upon your own entrepreneurial venture can be daunting and filled with uncertainty. But, we have collected advice and wisdom from over a dozen entrepreneurs in our Fireside Chats series to guide you, our entrepreneurial-minded reader, to the next stage of your professional career.
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How to Become a Whiz at Networking Events

Fireside Insights spent an evening with Network After Work, an organization with monthly recurring networking events hosted across 85 cities, promoting our website and socializing with other business owners, entrepreneurs, and career-minded professionals. Aiming to shift away from mundane networking events, the organization provides a relaxed atmosphere within which people are welcome to make meaningful connections. At Fireside Insights, we know how daunting it can be to meet and network with strangers, but equipped with a few tools, you can easily navigate through a crowd and become more proficient at networking. Continue reading How to Become a Whiz at Networking Events

5 Ways to Prepare for Your First Day at a New Job

Starting a new job is exciting. Many times, it’s a milestone marking the next stage of professional and financial success. In order to make the best impression when you begin, it’s imperative that you mentally prepare yourself for what is to come. While you will definitely undergo some degree of onboarding when you start, knowing as much as possible before your first day will put you ahead of the game. Here’s how you can prepare: Continue reading 5 Ways to Prepare for Your First Day at a New Job